Download & Play Quordle on PC (Win 10/8/7) & Mac


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Aug 15, 2022
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How to Download and Play Quordle on PC or Laptop

1. Download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your Windows PC. Make sure you have enough space on your device to install the emulator successfully.

2. Once the installation is complete, launch the Bluestacks app on your PC. Sign-in to access the Play Store.

3. On the main screen, type “Quordle” in the search bar and hit enter.

4. Select the official Quordle app from the search results and click on “Install” to begin the installation process.

5. The app will start downloading on your PC and then install automatically.

6. Once the installation is complete, you can launch the Quordle app from the Bluestacks main screen.

Quordle Game Description

Play Quordle, the popular variation of the daily word guessing puzzle game Wordle. Guess the 4 words in 9 tries or less!
Play unlimited games for free. The best & most fun way to improve your vocabulary, play every day to keep your brain sharp.
Tons of levels to complete with no repeats, play offline. Complete 2 new daily challenges every day. See stats on your past games, win percentages, win streaks & more.

Quordle – Daily Word Game Features

►Guess the four words on screen in nine tries or less!
►Use logic and deductive reasoning to complete challenging puzzles
►See detailed stats from your past games
►Play multiplayer with friends (coming soon)
►Watch an ad to get a clue
►Upgrade once to play with no ads
►Play offline. No wifi or data required!
►Expand your vocabulary, improve your mastery of the English language
►Play unlimited levels for free with no repeats
►More fun than regular old word searches & crosswords
►No time limits, take as long as you need with your word guesses
►Play in multiple languages – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German. Great for practising a new language!

4 Times Harder Than Wordle
A challenging new spin on the classic daily Wordle unlimited gameplay. Guess four words instead of just one!

Play Offline
Complete word games with no internet access! Great for plane rides or other long trips.

See Detailed Stats on Your Gameplay
Check the ‘Stats’ page to see your guess distributions, win streak count, biggest win streak & more! Great for tracking your progress and seeing how you’ve improved.

Brush Up on a New Language
6 different languages to play in, become the ultimate wordsmith. Improve your vocabulary & spelling for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German.

Play With Friends (Coming Soon)
Multiplayer mode coming soon! Complete daily word puzzles head to head against a friend or random opponent. Do word hunts together to train your brains as a team.

How to Play Quordle Game

• Use the keyboard to guess a 5-letter word. Each of the 4 different grids contains a different word and you can only guess one word at a time.
• Each letter on the keyboard is divided into 4 quarters representing a location of a game grid. After a guess is placed, each letter used will light up on your keyboard as either green, yellow or black in the quarter of the corresponding grid.
– Green means a letter is included in the word and is used in the right space.
– Yellow means a letter is included in the word but is not used in the right space.
– Black means a letter is not used at all in that section of the grid.
• Use deduction & logic to guess & unscramble all 4 words before the 9 tries are up to progress to the next level.
See the ‘Rules’ section of the app for a visual guide on how to play!

Keep your mind sharp and have fun doing it! Try Quordle now for free!


With the help of this guide, you can easily install Quordle on your Windows PC with the help of the Bluestacks emulator. So, what are you waiting for?